My first business idea started while travelling throughout Central America. I'm sucker for a good souvenir shirt, not the cheesy kind, but the kind that you actually wanna wear when you get home from your travels. I bounced a million ideas off my sisters when I got back hoping they’d want to collaborate and start a new business venture. The geographer in me led me to the idea that it would be awesome to make t-shirts that represented the three places we live in; Me: the sea, Danielle: the city + Jenn: the mountains. I studied Spanish in University and asked my oldest sister what she thought of the word "Siempre". She replied "What does that stand for...sea, mountains, prairies?" I don't know how she pictured the word in her head but it was one of those OMG moments, like no it's not an acronym but that's brilliant. I love it.

siempre means always // sea • mountains • prairies

And so began the evolution.



I'm a geographer, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, fascinated by places, cities, landscapes, humans + how we all live. With a degree in geography and a passion for interior design, what started as a mission to populate my new digs evolved into an obsession of cultural influence shaped by findings of African Mud cloth and Guatemalan fabrics and an appreciation for the process of traditional textile making methods.   

What Victoria has to offer in fresh ocean air and unrivaled beauty, it lacks in access to unique textiles. After days spent searching the internet, I did what any entrepreneurial spirit would do, I ordered a large batch of fabric and approached the best resource I know for a 30 minute crash course in sewing, my mom. We made enough pillows to decorate my own home, intriguing my friends and coworkers who wanted a stitch of the love. Just like that the first batch sold out in hours. There is something so utterly satisfying about making something beautiful + sharing it with others.


Siempre is a combination of obsessions: geography + travel, artisan made textiles + cultural traditions, beautiful home goods, rad souvenirs and a desire to create.

I've always believed that happiness starts at home + you should love where you live. We believe in design with intention, thoughtful living and purchasing unique goods that tell a story, always. 

I haven't forgotten about the t-shirts - apparel coming Fall 2018. Until then, we'll keep doing what we love and giving you a chance to love what we do.  


You never know what is possible until you jump in.